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Webinar 03 May 2021

WEBINAR : The thin line between personal and non-personal data – 06/05/2021

By Ydès

The thin line between personal and non-personal data

The global context on non-personal data is really fragmented and little regulated. In these circumstances, the risks behind using non-personal data are far from obvious and necessarily head toward legal uncertainties.


The distinction between personal and non-personal data is interpreted differently from one country to another. In many cases, it is not even defined through specific norms or recognised practices. This may lead to high risks for companies dealing with data every day: not recognising personal data and processing them as non-personal may open the gate to violations, customer complaints, infringement procedures and high fines imposed by various authorities potentially in multiple countries!

In this webinar, the PrivacyRules experts will analyze how some countries have regulated, or are trying to regulate, the flow of non-personal data. They will do so debating with two extremely specialized guest speakers bringing their respective experience from India and the EU!

  • Event: Thin line between personal and non-personal
  • Location: Zoom live webinar
  • Date: 2021-05-06 – 01:00 PM
  • Link: Free registration link