Urban Planning Law


In cooperation with surveyors, notaries, architects, and design offices, we are at your side to assist you with the administrative set-up of your development and construction projects: feasibility audits and choice of administrative procedures, risk analysis, preservation of building rights, choice of land division and development tools, preparation of planning permission files and related authorizations, set-up of transitional planning projects, monitoring of regulatory procedures…

Our team, accustomed to dialoguing with the authorities and working with project managers, has excellent legal technical skills, solid experience of complex operations and recognized litigation experience. These assets enable us to advise our clients effectively and defend their projects in the event of an appeal.

We work on all types of development and construction projects: residential, social housing, commercial planning, tourist accommodation, offices, industry, logistics, mixed-use developments, sports facilities…

In both pre-litigation and litigation, we give priority to finding effective and rapid solutions, by exploring the possibility of agreements and promoting alternative dispute resolution methods. Our team, well-versed in legal practice, can vigorously defend your interests when litigation is necessary.


Our Expertise


  • Development :
    • Choice of division tools (primary division, subdivision, division permit, etc.)
    • Subdivision administrative structure – preservation of building rights – operations planning
    • Development taxation
    • Relationship with real estate law (ownership, easements, etc.)
  • Urban planning :
    • Urban planning regulations
    • Feasibility and risk analysis, permit audit, advice on the choice of procedures in collaboration with other relevant teams (real estate law, corporate law, tax law, etc.).
    • Assistance with the preparation of all administrative authorization files (prior declarations, building or development permits, related authorizations) – monitoring of the instruction process
    • Listed sites and historic monuments
    • Commercial urban planning: assistance in drafting documents for artisanal, commercial and logistical development; assistance in preparing CDAC authorization files.
    • Preparing transitional planning files
    • Complex assemblies in collaboration with teams from other departments
  • Establishments open to the public :
    • Assistance with project design and documentation
    • Administrative control of establishments open to the public
  • Land :
    • Management and sale/acquisition of public property
    • Public highways and rural roads.
    • Occupation of the public domain, administrative long lease
  • Changes of use :
    • Audit of files and analysis of local regulations
    • Assistance with permit applications
  • Environmental law related to development or construction projects:
    • Impact studies
    • Polluted sites and soils
    • Cessation of activity, management of former ICPE sites
    • Water law declarations and authorizations for developments



  • Negotiation of transactional solutions and out-of-court settlements
  • Conventional and judicial mediation and conciliation
  • Informal appeals



  • Administrative litigation in urban planning and development (regulations, authorizations, liability, urban planning taxation)
  • Environmental administrative litigation
  • Litigation concerning public domain occupation (contracts, authorizations, etc.)
  • Expropriation litigation