Environment Law


Committed to your sustainable development strategy, we support you in your quest for environmental performance in your projects.

Our team, accustomed to dialoguing with government authorities and working with engineering firms, boasts excellent legal expertise and solid experience in advising economic operators and in environmental litigation.

Our lawyers and legal experts have a proven track record in the field of classified facility law, both in the preparation of dossiers (including SEVESO) and in matters of ICPE control, transfers, cessation of activity and rehabilitation, and administrative sanctions. We also handle issues relating to polluted sites and soils, water law authorizations, quarry regulations, waste, land clearing and species protection.

We bring you our expertise in environmental procedures, to help you set up and manage your projects, particularly in terms of environmental assessment.

Our Expertise


  • Classified installations, facilities, works and developments (IOTA) subject to water legislation
    • Section analysis
    • Legal feasibility study with regard to administrative rules
    • Setting up projects and files
    • Control, evolution, transfer, cessation of activity and rehabilitation, administrative sanctions
    • Relationship with other administrative procedures and planning law
  • Polluted sites and soils
    • Risk and recourse analysis
    • Multi-disciplinary advice (environmental law, real estate law, corporate law, town planning law, etc.) for the management of sites that have ceased activity – preparation of reconversion projects
  • Environmental assessment :
    • Scope audit (case-by-case, net clause, etc.)
    • Assistance in drafting in cooperation with design offices 
  • Assistance with mergers and acquisitions:
    • Risk audit
    • Drafting deeds and special clauses
  • Waste :
    • Risk and recourse analysis
    • Support in setting up and managing storage facilities.
  • Land clearing, derogation from species protection Changes of use:
    • Scope analysis
    • Assistance with permit applications
  • Natural or technological risk prevention plan:
    • Analysis of obligations and procedures
    • Assistance in incorporating risk prevention plans into administrative files


  • Negotiation of transactional solutions and out-of-court settlements
  • Conventional and judicial mediation and conciliation
  • Management of informal appeals
  • Management of formal notices and administrative adversarial procedures



  • Assistance with legal appraisals (requests, follow-up)
  • Environmental administrative litigation (regulations, authorizations, formal notices, special requirements, penalties, liability)
  • Litigation: liability for polluted sites and soils, environmental liability guarantees, real estate sales or commercial lease disputes…
  • Environmental criminal law