Events 28 November 2023

Harold Berrier took part in the AAJ LEGAL SUMMIT 2023 in Tokyo

By Ydès

On November 14, Ydès partner Harold Berrier took part in the @AAJ LEGAL SUMMIT 2023 in Tokyo, Japan, organized by the Association des Avocats Japonophiles – AAJ (日仏弁護士協会), of which he is a founding member.

Harold Berrier moderated the panel discussion about dialogue in the employment relationship in France and Japan, along with three other Japanese and French colleagues.

This trip was a continuation of his participation in the delegation of 100 lawyers sent to Japan in 2018 by the CNB Conseil national des barreaux – les avocats, and his practice of business relations between France and Japan.

On a day-to-day basis, Harold Berrier advises companies on managing individual and collective labor relations. He also works with Ydès’ M&A teams on cross-border acquisitions, relocations and mobility.

A large proportion of his clients are foreign companies, particularly Japanese, to whom he provides legal support that takes into account the cultural differences of all parties.

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